Simple fluid mechanics

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Homework Statement

Concider a 4 m long, 4 m wide and 1.5 m high aboveground swimming pool that is filled with water to the rim (completely). Determinate hydrostatic forces on each wall and distance of the line of actions of this force from the ground

Homework Equations

Hc = yc sin (theta)
Yf = 1xxc/yc*A
FR = ϱghc * A

The Attempt at a Solution

Sorry if I sound a bit "noob", this is all new to me but what I do not understand here is how to determinate Yc, areal center or centroid in english. Our teacher states that we should look at the centroid formulas for a givven shape but I don't find those online.

The answer is 44.1 kN and if someone could toutor me trough this easy example I might solve some more difficult ones on my own by understanding it properly... The books exapmle only shows a process from hc to Yc sin thetta and not how YC is determinated...

If hc = yc then yc is 1.5 then
FR = ϱghc * A gives 1000 * 9.81 * 1.5 * 16 which is 235,440 kN and not right :(
Assuming Po doesn't play a role here...

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anyone familiar with this ?
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:( thanks for help