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Homework Help: Simple Forces

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    A box weighs 2000N and is accelerated uniformly over a horizontal surface at a rate of 8 m/s^2. The opposing force of friction between the box and the surface is 27.4 ..

    How much force would be required to lift the box upward with an acceleration of 8 m/s^2?

    I know that the answer is 3,630N .. but I'm not sure how to get there?
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    Some of the information in the question doesn't relate to the problem, but anyways, this is an application of [itex]F_{net}=ma[/itex]. You know mass and acceleration, now what is the net force acting on the object while it is moved upward? Develop the equation and solve for applied force.
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    Doc Al

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    What forces act on the box when you lift it? Set the net force equal to ma (Newton's 2nd law).
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    Ok got it =D thankyou
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