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Homework Help: Simple frequency problem

  1. Jul 20, 2005 #1
    hi all - im a first year electrical engineer attending college at devry university. i havent had any previous experience in electronics or engineering so im really having a hard time grasping some of these concepts. anyway my teacher assigned some homework where the preiod and time are given, and all i need to do is find the frequency.

    the first question has the first period at 60 us.

    i knwo that frequency is equal to 1 over the period. so it would be 1/60us. i just cant seem to get a frequency that makes any sense out of this. i keep getting 16666.7 hz. is this anywhere near correct ?

    i take the period in the denominator and multiply it by 10 to the -6 power because the unit is microseconds right ?

    im sure you guys will be hearing alot from me on these forums, as i have no previous experience in this field, so please dont flame me and call me names.
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    Your method and answer are correct.
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