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Homework Help: Simple graph presentation

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    [SOLVED] Simple graph presentation

    Forgive my not using the thread template but it doesn't really fit my problem.

    I got some ecology coursework back where I had to use a few graphs to present my data. In some of the graphs I had to present scatter plots with results from a pollution index (a score based on presence/absence of various species with different pollution tolerances) at several sites against total number of species observed there. I was marked down for plotting points rather than a line. If this was say pollution index vs distance down stream fair enough, but I'm sure a line graph would be unsuitable for my data.

    Was my marker having a bad day, or am I being really stupid?
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    The applicable questions seem to be: 1. were you expected to interpolate between data points? or 2. were you expected to calculate the average index value as a continuous function of the number of species (e.g, by fitting a least squares line)?
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    That's probably it. It just wasn't clear from her comments. Thanks.

    This is [solved] but I'm not getting the option under thread tools.
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