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Simple harmonic motion

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    I dont find this topic too difficult but im really stuggling on a question (im sure its really simple though)

    A child on a swing rises throught a height of 0.5m. Ignoring resistive energy losses, calculate the maximum speed of the child (the child doesn't increase/decrease swing height and take g=10m/s/s)

    Please could someone tell me the method and the answers you get. (the book says 3.2m/s but i didn't get that)

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    Doc Al

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    Use conservation of energy.
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    oh, how would you do that ? I thought it was to do with the SHM equations.
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    The speed will be maximal when all of the original potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. The PE is given by mgh. The KE is 0.5mv^2.
    You can't use the SHM equations here cause all you have is the height.
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