Simple Harmonic Motion

  1. A block of mass 0.5kg moving on a horizontal frictionless surface at 2.0 m/s collides with and sticks to a massless pan attached to the end of a horizontal ideal spring whose spring constan is 32 N/m.
    a) Determine the function for x(t), the displacement from equilibrium position as a function of time.
    I got this to be x(t) = .25sin(8t)

    b) What is the period T, of the subsequent oscillations?
    I got the period to be .785 sec

    c) What is the kinetic energy of the mass 4.0 sec after it collides with the spring?
    I got this to be .997j

    d) What force is exerted by the spring on the block at t=1.2 sec? Which way is the block moving? Explain
    I got the force to be -1.334N

    ARE MY ANSWERS RIGHT, I ALSO SAID THAT Xo=0m when using my equation.
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    You have to show your working, it is much easier to check for systematic errors, you can't expect someone to work through your problems from scratch.
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