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Simple Harmonic Motion

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    A particle P of mass 0.2kg is attatched by an elastic spring of modulus 15N and natural length 1m to a point A of the smooth horizontal surface on which P rests. P recieves an impulse of magnitude 0.5Ns in the direction AP. Show that while the string is taught, the motion of P is simple harmonic and calculate the period and amplitude of the motion.

    I dont know how to even begin this one,
    Any help is really appreciated.

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    How about setting up the equation of motion (Newton's 2nd law F=ma, or the Euler-Lagrange equation) and solve?
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    How would i do this, impulse is applied. Would it be:-0

    0.5 = 0.2v, where v is velocity?
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    Yes. So then you have its velocity in the centre of motion, when t=0 and can hence derive equation of motion.
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    Thank you both so much!
    I finally got the answer.
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