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Simple Harmonic Motion

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    I just need someone to tell me if I've done the problem right since the answer is mysteriously missing

    The question is about a rotating wheel causing a piston to execute SHM inside a cylinder (the piston being connected to the outside of the wheel). The wheel rotates with an angular speed of 12rads-1 and it has a radius of 30cm.

    What will be the distance of the piston from an end position after 0.10s?

    ω = θ/t
    θ = 12x0.1 = 1.2rad

    displacement from equilibrium point = amplitudexCosθ = 0.3xCos1.2 =0.1087m

    so distance from end position = 0.3-0.1087 = 0.19m (2sf)
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    Well I've read through it and it looks OK to me. Couldn't you just have asked your teacher though?
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    School's out and I'm on my study leave...
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    Lucky you, I'm in school until almost Christmas. Then I have exams (with very little study leave) in January.
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