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Simple harmonic motion

  1. Nov 1, 2005 #1

    I dont get number 1 c, which equation do i use? and in general, how would I be able to find phi?

    OK, i figured i should find the first derivative of the displacement formula, which becomes v = -Asin(wt + phi) but that still undoable, how do i find phi?
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    Check your derivative. remember that max(sin(x)) is 1
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    ah yes, i see, it should be v = -A ωsin(ωt + φ), but thats just a typo, i actually had this equation when i wrote it down on paper. But i still dont know how to find phi
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    look at t=0 ... what's the function? what's the graph?
    phi is just the "little wt offset" if you don't start the timer in synch.
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