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Homework Help: Simple Harmonic Problem 3

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    Hi friends the problem is -


    Attempt -
    friend as per the question I am trying to get structure of SHM,

    The displacement equation x = A sin(ωt + θ) represents SHM where ωt + θ is Phase of the particle.

    the phase of the particle is 13∏/6. So I putting it on the equation and getting the result -

    x = A/2. So I am getting the first answer.

    While differentiating the displacement equation w.r.t. time I'll get velocity - time equation.

    Which will be,

    v = A.ω cos(ωt + θ)

    Placing here the Phase of the particle I am getting the result,

    v = A.ω.√3 / 2

    So i am sticking here, is it representing the direction of the particle too ?

    The correct answer of this problem is option (A) as per the question.

    Please friends help me in solving this Problem.

    Thank you all in advance.
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    Yes, the direction the particle is moving is the direction of the velocity. You got a positive velocity which indicates the velocity has a direction toward positive X.

    Check that if the phase were 17π/6, then the particle would be moving in -X direction.
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    Thank you TSny.

    I got the correct answer and concept
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