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Simple integral with Trig

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    For some reason I cannot see why :

    [tex]\int \sqrt{1+tan^2 \left( \frac{\pi }{4H}} z \right)} dz = \frac{4H}{\pi} sinh^{-1} \left( tan \left[ \frac{\pi z}{4H} \right] \right) [/tex]

    I do not understand so because can't the trig identity [tex] 1+tan^2 \theta = sec^2 \theta [/tex] be used and then the integrand simplifies to:

    [tex] \int sec \left( \frac{\pi z}{4H}} \right) dz [/tex]

    why can't it be done? This leads to a whole different answer obviously...
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    No, it doesn't. I just worked out the proof that the result was the same using either method. I encourage you to do the proof yourself, although personally I could not have done it without converting between trigonometric and exponential expressions a few times. If you want I will post the proof.
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    Wait never mind. I now know why when I plugged in the numbers it came out different...calculator was not in radians:rofl::blushing:
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