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B Simple intersection question

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    Will the bivariate function ##f(x,a)## always intersect ##f(a,x)## at the point ##x=a## given that ##f## is a real, defined function? (other points of intersection can exist but are not relevant for this question)
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    Hey Saracen Rue.

    If you have an intersection then it means that the two things are equal.

    So if you had a bivariate function with points (a,b) and (c,d) then an intersection happens when f(a,b) = f(c,d)

    You have specified [if I read correctly] that a=x, b=a', c=a', d=x and a'=x meaning that you have f(x,x) = f(x,x) which is trivial.

    Are we missing something here?
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    Didn't we answer that question in your earlier thread already?
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