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B Simple intro about Schrödinger's cat metaphor

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    Very brief and no math, the author is more about the veracity of checking original sources over retelling pop sci stories.

    All has been said here previously but scattered over many threads and easy to miss for newbs.

    Might be helpful to beginners who's only exposure is sensational pop sci.

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    Well, but this article also gets it wrong. Entanglement is nowadays an established observational fact, and you cannot simply claim as Schrödinger did that it's simply "absurd" and that's why you don't need to care.

    For me, the only way out today is to take QT seriously and that the meaning of quantum states is that of probabilities about the outcome of measurements and nothing else. We had tons of useless discussions on these interpretational issues never coming to a conclusion. We don't need to repeat them in yet another thread.
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    Don't disagree but please consider that IMO a lot of newbs find there way to this forum precisely because of the pop sci interpretation stuff.

    an opportunity to engage them and steer them to thinking clearer and to appreciate what physics really is?
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