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Homework Help: Simple jordan canonical form question

  1. Dec 26, 2008 #1
    two part question to which i have answered the first part and am stuck on the 2nd part
    find r and invertible real matrices Q and P such that Q-1AP=(Ir,0),(0,0)
    where each 0 denotes a matrix of zeroes(not necessarily the same size in each case)

    second part being paying special attention to the order of the vectors, write down bases of R3 with respect to which Q-1AP represents the mapping x|->Ax

    answers to the first part are r=1 Q-1=(100),(-210),(-301) and therefore Q=(100),(1/2,1,0),(1/3,0,1)
    and P=(1-21),(010),(000)
    can show the working for this if you want but dont think its required for the second part, however i have no idea where to start with the 2nd part and would apprechiate a shove in the right direction, thanks
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