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Simple LaTeX question

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    So, I just started using LaTeX but can't get it to display any of my work out. How do I do this?

    I downloaded LyX and TeXworks, there's a bunch of different downloads. I was a little confused on which one to pick. Thanks for your help.
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    No idea. But I am more than sure that even people that may know something won't be able to help as long as you will not state at least OS that you use.
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    Whoops. =) Windows.
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    I'm not an expert on the various packages available. However, I had good luck with MikTeX. It was available on Mac and Windows and had a simple to use front end window with editors and various viewers.
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    For ease of viewing on your machine, you'll need something like pdflatex, which can create a pdf file from your latex file. As elect_eng said, I personally use Miktex as the backend for my LEd install. From there, I have a nice button at the top, which will compile the document and output to pdf.

    Have you been able to properly install? What exact problem are you having?
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