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Homework Help: Simple linear algebra question (test in a few hours)

  1. May 2, 2005 #1
    my book says that if you have a parametrized line in 3 dimensions
    x - 1 = 4t
    y - 5 = 3t
    z - 2 = 7t,

    the vector <4, 3, 7> (coefficients of t) is a vector parallel to that line.

    My notes clearely say that the vector <4, 3, 7> is a normal vector to the parametrized line.

    Which one is right?

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  3. May 2, 2005 #2
    It should be parallel.

    - harsh
  4. May 2, 2005 #3
    Ok thanks. That's what I thought...I should drink some caffiene before I go to class and take notes. :smile:
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