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Simple logarithim

  1. Nov 11, 2012 #1
    Write in log form

    2= 41/2

    I wrote this log2 41/2 = 1?

    But looking at what I wrote doesn't make sense...
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  3. Nov 11, 2012 #2
    Why it doesn't make sense to you? :confused:
  4. Nov 11, 2012 #3
    oh wow i'm sorry I just noticed it...........
    2^1= does equal 4^1/2 = 2 ......... I was confused because in the back of the book I saw log4 2= 1/2
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    Yes that's also true. loga(x)= y is equivalent to ay= x. Taking the logarithm, base 4, of both sides of 2= 41/2 gives log4(2)= log4(41/2)= 1/2. But taking the logarithm, base 2, gives log2(2)= 1= log2(41/2)= log2((22)1/2)= log2(21)= 1.
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