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Simple magnet question

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    new guy here with a simple question.

    if i were to coil 10 turns of 14 gauge insulated wire around an 1/8" round x 1" long neodymium magnet, then wire it in parallel to a second magnet with 20 turns of the same gauge wire, what kind of change could i exspect in the second magnet if i spun a reluctor in front of the first magnet?

    im trying to boost or weaken one magnet with another......remotely
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    to clarify my question and give you a motive i drew up a picture.

    my question is when the reluctor wheel passes past one of one magnet what kind of response will i get in the other magnet?

    -will there be an increase or decrease in the other magnets strength depending on the direction of the windings in the coils?

    -will there be an equal response across the grid dependant on the accuracy of each coil of course?

    -could a magnetic image somehow be broadcasted from one grid to the other through the use of mercury or metal filings?

    these are just a couple of the questions i want answers to. in order to build a grid i need time and money. just want to know if the answers are already out there before i waste both.

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