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Homework Help: Simple Math Problem

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    Simple Math Problem!!!

    If 28% of the objects in a box weighed 45 gm each and 72% of the objects in a box weighed 55 gm each, what is the average weight of the object.


    The Average Weight of the Object = Total Weight / Total No. of Objects

    Total No objects 45gm => 45/x = 0.28 => x = 161
    Total No objects 55gm => 55/x = 0.72 => x = 76

    Is this even right??

    I would really appreciate it if any one could give me some hint on how to solve it??
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    Re: Simple Math Problem!!!

    Think of it as a 100 items in a box, 28 of them are 45g and 72 of them are 55g. Work out the total weight (of all the items), then work out the average weight. If you have any problems post here :tongue2:
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    Re: Simple Math Problem!!!

    Ahh!!! i see.... so if we consider the total number of products to be 100 then we have

    28 objects of 45g.......and 72 objects of 55g so

    Therefore Total Weight = (28 x 45) + (72 x 55) = 5220g

    Therefore the average weight = 5220/100 = 52.20g
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