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  1. Could someone tell me how I would go about plotting a function in Mathematica over say, x^2? or sqrt(x)?

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  3. Perhaps more appropriate posted here:

    To do this use


    which is documented here

    or when you are running the software hit <f1> and when the help browser pops up type in Plot or any other likely keyword you want documentation on.

    Mathematica is fanatic about exact use of {} versus [] versus (), := versus = versus == versus even === and correct capitalization. Make an error in any one of those and you will get possibly incomprehensible error messages.
  4. Thanks!

    Edit: Gah, replied before I really looked over what you said! Yeah, I know how I should go about plotting a function like that. What I am looking for is something similar to LogPlot, but where the scale of the x axis can be changed to another function.
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    You want to compress the scale on the x-axis, but not logarithmically? It's difficult to see why you might want to do that. I think you would have to do the compression yourself and then re-label the axis after the computer has done the plotting.

    Exactly what are you wanting to plot?
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