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Simple maths - im useless

  1. Apr 26, 2010 #1
    Hi hope somebody can help

    Have some simple calculations to do for surveying (see attachment) but not sure what the output is im getting

    Its not homework its practice really .....the formulas are given so its really just a matter of figuring out what the output is I guess not sure

    Been 20 years since Ive done maths anywhere near this so forgive me if this is simple for everyone

    Trying to figure out the tension calculation for example

    I do the following in calculator (65-50) x 28.134/1.905X2.07x10^11

    The answer I get is


    But I have no idea what that means im guessing its 1.07mm????? Or have I done it all wrong
    Can anybody help?

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    I think I may have figured it out for tension at least

    Should have put 28134 rather than 28.134 so that does come out as 1.07 mm

    I THINK :)
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