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Simple matrix question

  1. Mar 27, 2006 #1
    Departure comfort Excursion Economy
    10:00 , 15 , 35 , 60
    12:30 , 12 , 40, 70
    16:00 , 8 , 50, 35
    Price£, 70, 35 , 30

    The table shows the number of passengers on three flights to Paris in 3 classes and the price of a ticket for each class. Construct three matrices to represent this information, and use them to obtain (a) the total number of passengers on the 12:30 flight, (b) the revenue from each flight.
    I cannot see 3 matrices only two, the price matrix and the number of passengers on the three flights. Much Thanks guys.
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    Obviously, to get (b) you multiply the "number of passengers" matrix by the "price" matrix. In order to get (a), the total number of passenger on the 12:30 flight, you will need to multiply the "number of passengers" matrix by a third matrix: "number of passengers" matrix times a simple column matrix will give a matrix the entries of which are the total number of passengers in each flight.
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