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Homework Help: Simple max/min question

  1. Apr 2, 2008 #1
    When given a table listing x, x', and x'' which of the following are true?

    if at critical #, second derivative is negative, # is a relative max
    if at critical #, second derivative is positive, # is a relative max

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    These are yes or no questions. Read your book!
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    sorry, I know it seems like I'm not trying.
    I was reviewing notes for a test tomorrow and in one section I wrote the first one and then right below it I wrote the second one. If I weren't so pressed on time I would find it in my book but I'm really trying to get finished and get a good nights sleep. D:
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    Remember this. y=x^2. Second derivative=2. x=0 is a min. y=-x^2. Second derivative=(-2). x=0 is a max.
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    all right! thanks.
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