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Homework Help: Simple pendulum inside a free-falling lift

  1. May 8, 2010 #1
    Simple pendulum is said to be not applicable if it's in the space that far from other planet which there're no gravitational field present.
    Howerver when the system is inside a free falling lift, isnt the bob of the pendulum experience an accelration with value equals to g?
    Is it correct to think in this way that the weight of the bob of the simple pendulum is entirely used to provide the acceleration, thus there's no component of weight (mgsin0) to provide the force for the simple pendulum to work, and the bob is considered to be of zero gravity?
    For an astronaut oustide the space expereince weightless, there are no normal reaction acting on the astronaut is because of the astronaut is not in touch of a surface or is that it's weight is used to provide the centripetal force?
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