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Simple pendulum project

  1. Nov 29, 2014 #1
    nee help with project dealing with simple pendulum.I am supposed to be looking at the effect of changing the amplitude and how it affects the period. The requirements want to show some math( it does not include finding average and error). Need help. what could I show there. Like the time to complete the period will be alway same. HELP
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    Try googling for "simple pendulum", see what you find. We can help through any parts where you're having trouble.
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    I was thinking of using the T=sqrt(mgh/I), but my concern is that I would just be proving my data and nothing more
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    Well, if you're looking for something more challenging, you could try investigating when the low-amplitude approximation starts to break down.
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    I was thinking about that but it would be pretty hard to do as my pendulum is not that accurate. What I mean is that the equation T=sqrt(mgh/I) has less that 1 precent error for angles less that 22, which would be really hard hard to measure for me.
    Also, i do not have such a accurate time measurment device( i am using stopwatch)
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    When they said that gif.latex?T%20%3D%202%5Cpi%5Csqrt%7B%5Cfrac%7Bl%7D%7Bg%7D%7D.gif
    It was when you ignore loss of Energy,
    In Real life you have Air resistance dude to which you lose Energy,
    But if you dont have that Loss, The Pendulum will continue forever... Because of First Law of Motion

    Anyways I got an Idea for you
    You should do an experiment where you see how much energy , Here is how its mentioned in our textbook

    The total energy of the bob of a simple pendulum executing simple harmonic motion, :

    Setup :
    You also need a stopwatch
    Procedure :

    Set the Pendulum to oscillate with suitable amplitude, and simultaneously start the stopwatch (make sure to get one)
    Note down the Amplitude after every one minute

    Observation Table :

    Why A2 -> Because if you plot a Graph of A2 vs T, You'll get it

    Theory : The Energy of a Particle performing SHM is given as :
    Which means E is Directly proportional to A square

    Hope It helped ,
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