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Homework Help: Simple pendulum question help needed

  1. Nov 19, 2008 #1
    Simple pendulum question.. help needed!!!!

    http://capa.mcgill.ca/res/mcgill/dcmcgill/oldproblems/msuphysislib/Graphics/Gtype26/prob34a_pendSHM1.gif1.[/URL] The diagram shows a simple pendulum consisting of a mass M suspended by a thin string. The magnitude of the tension is T. The mass swings back and forth between ±q0 Choose True or False

    True False T is greater than Mg for q = q0.
    True False T equals Mg when q = q0.
    True False T=Mg at some angle between zero and q0.
    True False The vertical component of tension is constant.

    2. is it true that T = mg*cos(theta) always?

    The vertical component of tension is constant .... true, since the vertical component=force of gravity
    T is greater than mg when q=q0. .... false, since q0 is the apex, and T is the smallest when the ampliude is the greatest

    I dont know about the other two...especially: T=Mg at some angle between zero and q0
    my guess at that question is that since T= Mgcos(theta), therefore, T will only equal to mg when theta=0 or 180? so it would be false?

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    Hi lmlgrey! :smile:

    Don't guess! :frown:

    Physics is equations, so always find the right equation, and follow it through.

    In this case, the right equation is Newton's second law, F = ma.

    Most of your answer is wrong, because you've ignored the ma part.

    Try again! :smile:
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