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Homework Help: Simple Pendulum Question

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    Simple pendulum has T = 2pi rt (l/g) when oscillating at a natural frequency of vibration. (Small angles of course)

    Calc. new T of pendulum when oscillating in a car with acceleration a.

    Any tips? Thanks. :)
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    Can anyone do this question? Cheers.
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    [tex]T=2\pi \sqrt{\frac{l}{\sqrt(a^2+g^2)}}[/tex]
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    Cheers Clive - Would you mind explaining (or any1 else) how you arrived at that answer? thanks.
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    Doc Al

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    Thanks very much, it certainly was! I understand that totally! You found the effective g acting on the pendulum by summing the individual accelerations acting on the pendulum, using vectors. Great. :)
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