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Homework Help: Simple Physics Help

  1. Mar 6, 2010 #1
    Help on any would be appreciated

    Explain (using physics)
    • Why burning wood often crackles and pops?
    • Why you can't make a 3-minute egg a 2 minutes egg in boiling water by turning up the heat?

    When rain is preceded by a surge of warm, humid air, after many inches of snow meteorologists say flooding is often a problem Why is that?
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    Burning wood crackles and pops due to water vaporizing inside the wood and then bursting through the wood.

    You can't make a 3-minute egg a 2-minute egg by turning up the heat because water will only reach 100 degrees Celsius before boiling off. Turning up the heat will get you to the boiling point quicker but won't cook the egg quicker (assuming the egg only cooks at 100 degrees Celsius). If you want to cook an egg faster you need a pressure cooker to raise the boiling point of water.
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