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Homework Help: Simple Physics Problem I Can't Figure Out!

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    During construction of a hotel, all the parts of the building that are raised above ground have gravitational potential energy relative to the ground. if after many years the hotel is to be demolished all of this energy can be used to force the building to collapse on itself. if u r the engineer in charge of such a demolition. what course of action would u take to minimize the impact of this demolition on local citizens and ensure their safety?
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    Since this is homework, please show some thoughts before we can help you. I'm not sure how specific the answer should be, but if you're about to knock down a building, I can think of a few things I would do before going ahead and knocking it down!
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    but i don't know how to do that?
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    Maybe think about the collapse of the twin towers on 9-11. there was much collateral damage to health of workers and integrity of nearby buildings.
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    good example
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    any one help me
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    any one help me
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    What you don't want to do is invite all the locals around to tea in the basement while you dynamite the building. Also, keeping it a secret and and causing debris to fall on the locality without warning might not be appreciated.
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