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Homework Help: Simple physiology questions

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    The pulmonary capilaries between the alveoli sacs handles the gas exchange right. So I was wondering how large can their surface area get.

    Oh yeah can someone name all the proteins that regular oncatic and hydrostatic pressures, and how they do it.
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    You have to show your own work here before you can get help. You should be able to look up the proteins yourself and post your best attempt at explaining "how they do it," before anyone here can help check your work for you and guide you toward correct explanations if any are wrong.
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    You are looking for the surface area of the capillaries, and not the alveoli correct? A quick search on google using the terms: "surface area pulmonary capillaries" brought up a number of pages with this information. It shouldn't take but a few minutes to find what you are looking for. Post again for confirmation.
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    yeah thanks for the help, I got it now.
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