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Simple plane

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    In a 2d graphic, I have xOy, in 3d I have xOyz (origin O)

    But how can I figure out a graph of abcdefg..Oxyz - an n-D hyperplane ?

    Please consider a simple case of 10d, I have 10 different axis. What else can I go on with ?

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    Hi Mokae! :smile:
    You can't! :redface:

    Even for four dimensions, it's not possible (unless you "suppress" one of the dimensions, to give a projection into 3-dimensional space).
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    What do you mean by "a graph of abcdefg..Oxyz"? To have a graph, in any dimension, you have to have a function or formula. What function do you want to graph?
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    Actually I do nothing with dimentions at present.
    Have never thought I will have an opinion to deal with any either
    Original purpose of the project seems to change into something different. Never bother to ask by the way.

    How is Japan ?
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