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Simple polarizing question

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    Suppose we have a polarizing beam splitting cube that transmits linearly polraized light and reflects horizontally polarized light. We then arrange a laser beam to incident on the cube. Between the source of the laser beam and the cube we place a linear polarizer in a rotating mount. We then measure the power of the reflected and transmitted light from the cube.

    Suppose we rotate the linear polarizer we can maximize the transmitted beam. We can also do the same for the reflected beam.

    We measure the angle of the linear polarizer that maximizes the transmitted beam to be 110 degrees

    We measure the angle of the linear polarizer that maximizes the reflected beam to be 170 degrees.

    Now for the question: Is this what is expected?

    Answer - no. Since this cube transmits linearly polarized light for the linear polarizer's angle to be 110 degrees then to maximize the reflected light the angle of the polarizer must +/- 90 degrees from 110 degrees.

    Is this reasoning correct??
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    compared to everything else that i have to do :tongue:
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