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Simple probability question Please help?

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    I posted this question a couple time and may not have explained right.
    There is a lot of mathematically talented people on this site unfortunately i am
    not one of them...I would appreciate if someone could please answer this for me.

    Imagine there was a coin that was heavier on the heads side on landed on
    heads 80% of the time and 20% of the time

    If I flipped that coin 5,000 times how many time would i get

    20 heads in a row ?

    10 heads in a row ?

    5 heads in a row ?

    Can anyone show me how to calculate this?

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    What are the odds of getting one head? What are the odds of that happening 5 times in a row?

    You need to show at least SOME work, otherwise you are just asking us to solve the problem for you and that's not how this forum works. Check the rules on posting homework.
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    You repeated the question. I answered it for the other entry.

    I just noticed this is your third attempt - I think you should look at the responses to the others.
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