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Simple projectile

  1. Feb 18, 2010 #1
    A long jumper is able to take off with a velocity of 8.25m/s at 12.5dgs to the horizontal. Calculate:

    a) the initial horizontal velocity
    a) 8.25m/s

    b) the vertical take off velocity
    b) 8.25sin(12.5) = 1.785m/s, as far as i know Uxsin(theta) is the vertical velocity , except in the answer to the second half of the question it says it's 8.25cos(12.5) which is the equation to the horizontal velocity? anyone know why this is? thanks.
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    Hi Sirsh! :smile:

    (have a theta: θ and a degree: º :wink:)
    Well, it's definitely sin12.5º for the vertical component.

    The book must be wrong. :redface:
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    Hey tiny-tim, thanks for the signs :P does the verical component be8ing 1.785m/s mean that after one second the jumper will be 1.785m in the air ect until he hits max parabolic height then he'll decend until he hits the horizontal plain? thanks (:
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    Hey Sirsh! :smile:

    It means he'll always be at the same height as if he'd jumped vertically with that speed. :wink:

    But it won't be 1.785m after 1 second, it'll be 1/2 at2.
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    Oh okay, thanks alot! :D
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