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Simple Question About Connectors

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    If I'm looking to create an in-line 37-pin D-Sub connector (i.e. not board-mount and not panel-mount, but connecting two groups of wires to each other), is it better to use the connectors with solder cups, or the ones with holes for pins and sockets that have been crimped onto the wires?

    ...or does it not matter?

    ...or should this type of thing not be done at all?
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    I prefer using solder connectors. IMO you will get a more reliable connection.
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    I also prefer solder cups, especially for making only 1 or 2 cables.

    To crimp reliably you have to make sure you have the right parts and follow the manufacturer's specifications which often require tooling which can cost several hundred dollars.

    With solder cups you just have the one part without separate pins and soldering doesn't require anything special assuming you have solder and an iron handy.
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