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Simple question about equivalence classes?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Lets say I have the word mississippi .
    Would I then say that I have 11 elements in my multiset .
    And would I say that I have 4 equivalence classes because I only have 4 different letters.

    If I had the set A={1,2,3,} Would I say this has 3 different equivalence classes.
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    i think you need to define exactly what your set is and what the equivalence class is defined by

    an example might be the set of numbers

    we could partition into 2 equivalence classes could be whether or not the number is divisible by 2

    the letter case a little confusing as there are repeated elements in the set
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    Yup, if each element of the multiset is a single letter.
    Not necessarily. The equivalence classes depend on exactly what equivalence relation you have.
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    It makes no sense at all to talk about "equivalence classes" without stating the equivalence relation. You have two questions here. What are your equivalence relations?
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