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Simple question about finding A and B

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    80A = 12000 - AB
    2000A = 2000 - AB

    I can find A and B right? If not I can provide more??

    Thanks :eek: !!
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    Yes you can find out A and B !
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    also is there any way to set up excel so that as i change the figures the answer what A and B is automatically changes?

    i'm sorry to be so bad at math - it's been like 12 years since i stuided any :eek:
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    honestly - i am using software that runs out in like 20 hours. this is a music hobby thing - i don't suppose you can give me the answer plus also if excell will do it for me?? i know it'd be simple for everyone here.... :) :) !!

    there are online calculators but they don't seem to cope with the A*B component!!!
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    Hey clemon.

    Minus the first equation from the second and collect the terms for the A's and solve for A. Then plug A into one of the equations and solve for B.
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    they don't converge!!

    what about:


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    thanks - i'm trying to find it with excel atm. not sure if these figures even converge tbh.
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    80A = 12000 - AB
    2000A = 2000 - AB

    Didn't you consider getting rid of the "AB" term by subtracting one equation from the other? 80A- 2000A= -1920A= 10000. Solve that for A and then solve either of the two equations, using that value of A, for B
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