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Simple question about gravity.

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    So I have a question.As GR states that gravity is a property of spacetime curvature.
    So for example as the sun having the biggest weight in our solar system it sits in the middle "like a boss" , or in curvature it is the deepest and the other planets orbit it and are higher standing because being lighter? I feel this is not a very good interpretation but still am doing my best.
    So if gravity is the property of space/time curving then if there would be no space/time there would be no gravity? Or gravity can exist without the existence of space/time.
    The question is: Are they basically understood together or can we say that we could have gravity just from mass of an object but without the 4th dimension that I guess would be time?

    Thanks for your responses,
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    How would you define "gravity" without a spacetime? Without the concept of a spacetime (or concepts very similar to this), you cannot have physical objects in a spacetime, and you don't have physics at all.
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    Spacetime is a type of mathematical space with a co-ordinate system in which measurements are made, it is not a thing like a carrot or a mosquito.
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