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B Simple Question on Anti-Particles.

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    So just recently learning about anti particles and I can't seem to find the answer to such a seemingly easy question but here goes. Let's say you have a negatively charged delta particle Δ-, is that the anti particle of Δ+ just how the e+ positron is the anti particle of an e- electron because in one of my text books it shows the Δ- with a line atop it indicating that it is an antiparticle is this like a case of a double negative equaling a positive? or am I needlessly getting confused.
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    I'm not a particle physics expert, but I can answer this one. If you look at the quark constituents of the delta baryons (for example, here on Wikipedia), you will see that the Δ+ is uud, and the Δ- is ddd. So they are not antiparticles of each other. There is an antiparticle of the Δ+ which is (anti-up, anti-up, anti-down) and an antiparticle of the Δ- which is (anti-down, anti-down, anti-down).
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    Ahh ok thank you.
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