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Simple question

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    hello..i just want to ask a simple question..

    if I whistle in the speedy 33 microphones and if the speedy 33 is connected to a pc and we are visualising our voice on lab view(graph),what happen to the graph?
    why does it turn sinusoidal when we whistle?
    thank you!
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    Your question is a bit difficult to decipher, qwerty. Are you asking why you see certain wave shapes for different sounds that you make with your voice and whistle? What part is confusing you?
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    yeah i mean does the whislte have a same frequency(single tone) that is why we see a sinusoidal form?
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    I think what you're trying to ask is why is it that normal speech looks much more complicated than a whistle, is that correct.

    On one level I suppose you could argue that it must be more complex, otherwise the amount of information that we could convey with speech would be far less rich. An approximate model for how speech is produced is that our "voice box" just creates a fairly broad spectrum "buzzing" sound that is tuned by the mouth and vocal tract to make complex sounds that vary as our mouth and tongue positions vary during speech.

    A whistle on the other hand is far simpler. The mouth and lips are usually held in a fixed position and air exhaled (or inhaled) past the lips to resonate them.
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