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Simple question

  1. May 17, 2005 #1
    let's say i had 115% for my online hw which is worth 16% of the final grade and 4% for my written hw which is worth 8% of the final grade. how would i find my total percent for both online+hw together? im thinking (115/2 + 115 + 2)/2 = 87.25% for both written hw and online together? it seems wrong
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    For n divisions of the total 100%:

    [tex] Total\ Grade= \sum^n_1 \frac{(Percentage\ worth)(Percentage\ earned)}{10000}[/tex]

    [tex] = \frac{(115)(16)+(4)(8)}{10000} = 18.72 [/tex] percent of your entire grade. Out of those two sections alone you have 77.22% . That 4% in homework is killing you.
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    115*0.16 + *0.08 = 18.7/100 (i.e. those two hw got you 18.7 points on your final grade)

    Or, and I think this is what you're looking for,

    you got 18.7 points out of a possible 24, meaning an average grade of 78%.
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