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Homework Help: Simple Relative Velocities

  1. Sep 28, 2005 #1
    If Car A is going 30mi/hr east, and Car B is going 10mi/hr east. What is the relative velocity of Car A to Car B?

    Wouldn't this just be Va - Vb = Vrelative? So.. 30mi/hr - 10mi/hr, the answer would be 20mi/hr?

    Any help, thanks. :smile:
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    Concept is right, but there is a mistake in your math.
  4. Sep 28, 2005 #3
    Opps, lmao. huge mistake, I totally meant to write 20mi/hr. Anyway. Thanks!
  5. Sep 28, 2005 #4
    thursday and taking abck sunday eh? good bands
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