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Homework Help: Simple relativeness of motion

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    sorry for this question but i'm just so irritated at my professor....

    He asked me in front of class this:
    I'm in a plane moving at constant velocity. I am walking back and forth inside the plane. Am I moving relative to the whole plane or not?

    I answered I'm at rest. HE told me that I'm in motion relative to the whole plane. I just want to make sure.... and to know why....

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    Of course you're moving with respect to the plane-- why would you think you were stationary? Suppose you were on the plane, sat down at your seat, and wanted to go to the toilet. To do this you stand up and walk down the aisle. Now, if you weren't moving relative to the plane, then you wouldn't be able to get to the toilet would you?
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    thx.... i was just confused
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