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Simple room cooling

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    I have a 10x20 shed. It has a chipboard floor, and below that is about 8" of open space, which wind will blow through. If needed, I can close it off - but I cannot insulate it.

    My main concern is not with heating the room, although that would be a nice benefit. By far, my concern is with cooling it.

    I can add an A/C, but I am using R11 insulation on the walls. I can put R11 on the ceiling also, but again - I cannot insulate the floor.

    With all of that considered, and considering that heat rises, and R11 is such a low value - would I be better off to *not* use an A/C, and to leave the ceiling without insulation?

    And any other tips or tricks are appreciated.

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    Andrew Mason

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    If the outside is warmer than you want it to be inside, you will need an air conditioner. This is the case whether you have insulation or not. The insulation will just slow down the rate at which heat flows into the building. When the inside gets as warm as the outside the insulation doesn't matter if you have no A/C. The inside can get warmer than the outside if the building is exposed to direct sun.

    The insulation will affect how much work the AC has to do to keep the room cool. So it would be a good idea to insulate as much as possible and to close off the air circulation below the floor.

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    The building is exposed to direct sun, and that is my concern: that the A/C cannot keep up with the heat created by the direct sun.

    I believe the A/C is 12,000 BTU.

    What do you suggest, for this?

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    Andrew Mason

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    Definitely insulate the ceiling. You might also put in an attic fan if there is an attic. This will prevent the buildup of heat under the roof. Having a reflective (white or silver) roof will also help a lot. Other than that, get a more powerful A/C.

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