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Simple Solution?

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    Simple solution to everything, If the united states were to be divided into "specialists" and "workers". If the specialists got money to pursue sciences(instead of wasting money on war), we would progress ourselves as a country. If the workers just did "lower" jobs (ones that no one wants(ones we need like mining, farming, ...). If everyone also learned to listen to others (when referring to experiences, stories, and guidance). The Country i think, would be completely fair.

    But, on the other hand, that'll never happen, because the majority of people in the united states don't meet those requirements.

    Hypethetically, if the country was to try to work twords that goal(like i think it is) Could it result in a Civil War by 2012?
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    I'm just a hippie lol trying to get a degree in anthropology
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    We already have people that work in "lower jobs" and "higher jobs." What is the benefit of a formalization?
    Completely fair? What if a worker wants to be a specialist? What if a specialist wants to be a worker? The federal government looks at three hundred million people and sees them in terms of numbers on pieces of paper. How are they going to know who is a specialist and who is a worker?
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