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Homework Help: Simple Torque on Rigid Object

  1. Nov 20, 2009 #1
    1. You are installing a new spark plug in your car, and the manual specifies that it be tightened to a torque that has a magnitude of 26 N·m. Using the data in the drawing, determine the magnitude F of the force that you must exert on the wrench.

    2. Torque= Force * Lever arm length

    3. The force is said to be 26 N*m, and the lever arm length is shown to be 0.28 cm in the picture.

    26 N*m = F * 0.28 m
    F= 26 N*m/0.28m
    F= 92.86 N

    Which is wrong. What did I do wrong?

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    0.28 is the length of it, not the perpendicular distance. What is the perpendicular distance it nust move?
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    Is it 16.165 cm (.16165 m)?
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    How did you get that?

    The wrench forms a right angled triangle with hypotenuse 0.28 which makes an angle of 50 with the horizontal.
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