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Homework Help: Simple Vector addition

  1. Feb 4, 2010 #1
    1. Vector A has a magnitude of 3 m and makes an angle of 10o with the positive x axis. Vector B also has a magnitude of 10 m and is directed along the negative x axis. Enter your answers in distance then angle(in degrees).
    Find A + B
    Find A - B

    2. R = sqrroot(Cx^2+Cy^2)
    Cx = Ax+Bx
    Cy = Ay+By

    3. 3*sin10=.5209 = Ay; 3*cos10=2.954=Ax

    basically, I don't know how to get By and Bx values from a vector that is following either axis. if I could get those, then I would become unstuck from this problem very quickly. any conceptual help would be appreciated.
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    Just draw out the B vector on its own. The Bx and By components have to add up to the total B vector. If the vector is ONLY in the x direction, what do you think the y component would be?
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