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Homework Help: Simple VHDL Problem

  1. Jul 20, 2007 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Hey there ... I got this VHDL problem as an exam question and it kinda freaked me out .. had no idea where to even begin and hence, got like 2 marks out of 20.

    I do want to know how to program these though:

    Here are the questions:


    2. Relevant equations

    Well, it's VHDL .. use what you like I guess .. but keep it simple as possible.

    3. The attempt at a solution

    My attempt at Q1 (which I think is wrong)

    Entity Bus is
    port(write1, write2, write3: in std_logic;
    wdata1, wdata2, wdata3: in bit_vector(7 downto 0);
    f: out bit_vector(7 downto 0));
    -- The f variable is what I think is wrong.
    End Bus;

    Architecture Behaviour of Bus is
    f <= wdata1 when write1 = "1" else
    wdata2 when write2 = "1" else
    wdata3 when write3 = "1";
    End Behaviour;


    For Q2 .. I was VERY unsure ... What I did was treat the entire structure as the Entity with the inputs:
    io_port_data, address_rf, write_rf
    I'm not sure if the control signals (load_accumulator, bus_rf, bus_alu, bus_ioport) are to be declared in the Entity.

    What confused me is that this Bus has output ports, unlike the Entity described above. Also, I don't know how to program the the registers. This question made up 20 percent of the exam .. If I did get 20/20 .. I would have passed :( PLEASE help!!
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  3. Dec 29, 2008 #2
    I just started to really learn VHDL, but it seems like theres alot wrong with this...
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