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Simple work question

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    A book is pushed up a ramp by a force. Calculate the net work done by :

    a. Fpush
    b. Fgrav
    c. Fnormal

    Let fnet = 5 newtons and displacement of the object be 5 m up the ramp,
    so the net work done by Fpush = 5 * 5 = 25 J. is the Work net by grav = mgsin@ * 5? and net work by Fnormal = mgcos@ * 0.5? is the work of gravity negative and Fnormal positive? Kindly guide me to the correct answers. Thanks
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    Fpush is right. For part b and part c. You do need to understand that the work is done only by multiplying the force and the distance parallel to the direction of the force.
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    Andrew Mason

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    Keep in mind that Work is a dot product of the force and displacement vectors. So:

    [tex]W = Fd\cos\theta[/tex]

    So for c. what is the angle between the force and the displacement? What is the cos of that angle?

    For b, what is the angle between the gravitational force and the displacement in terms of [itex]\alpha[/itex], the angle of the ramp above the horizontal? (your answer is right here, but the analysis is not clear).

    You have it right for a.

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    could you please answer this?
    During a tug of war, team A pulls on team B by applying a force of 1100 Newton to the rope between them. How much work does team A do if they pull team B toward them in a distance of 2 meters?
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    The answer to your question is in Andrew Mason's post above. :smile:
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