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Homework Help: Simplex Method to Linear Programming

  1. Nov 25, 2008 #1
    Solve this LP model using the Simplex method
    Maximize Z = 10x1 + 12x2 + 7x3
    Subject to:
    20x1 + 15x2 + 10x3 <= 300
    10x1 + 5x2 <= 100
    x1 + 2x3 <= 50


    The above is my scanned work from one of the assignment files, don't know how to set up tables here.
    Hopefully I didn't make any careless errors.
    The final tableau shows a degenerate solution, due to the tie in the pivot row, causing value of zero in the other unchosen basic variable s2. But from what I have learnt from the text, degeneracy will cause you to loop back to the same solution, but this solution somehow don't loop. Did I make a mistake, or is it actually a normal situation? My answer reports that final tableau as the optimal solution.
    i.e. x1 = 0, x2 = 20, x3 = 0
    giving an objective function value of Z = $240.
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